Buddham saranam gacchami

Dhammam saranam gacchami

Sangham saranam gacchami


Venerable Jinananda Mahathera

Venerable Jinananda Mahathera

Pabbajja (śrāmaṇera): 18-10-65, Khusangerpara village

Upasampadā (Bhikkhu): 2-11-1973

Thero (Honorific term for Bhikkhus): 2-11-1983

Mahāthera (most elderly and Venerable monks): 2-11-1993

International Participation

2nd World Buddhist Summit, Lumbini in Nepal, 1998

WFB The World Fellowship of Buddhists, Bangkok, 2013

Meet with Honorable Dalai Lama at Mohaboudhi Society, kolkata, 1978

Frequently attend by invitation in several Buddha Dhamma Desana: Thailand, Sri-lanka, Nepal, Myanmer, India

The most Venerable Jinananda Mahathera is a devoted bhikkhu, a hard-core disciplinarian, a noble and humble friend, an inspiring spiritual leader, an exemplary teacher, a social worker, and a clever master builder who has long served the “Buddha Sasana” as a cultural attaché by contributing Buddhist Monasteries around the country. Under his tutelage he has produced excellent pupils and these pristine young Buddhist Scholars have been sent to various countries to deliver the most perceptive teachings of the Lord Buddha.

A monk and torchbearer of knowledge Venerable Jinananda Mahathera dedicates his life to light the way for others. Venerable Mahathera is a Buddhist mendicant monk and seeks to illuminate people both spiritually and educationally. He dedicated his whole life for the welfare of distressed humanity, as he believes: ‘Man is above all, nothing else is above it’.

He experienced the harsh reality of life from the very childhood which stirred him to choose monastic life to serve the society. His devotion to the service of humanity, Many poor helpless and destitute children have emerged from this children’s home as a stream of light to the society.