Venerable Jinananda Mahathera operate a two storied primary kindergarten to lighten the education for the less privileged children of this rural village. Many of children come here & get standard education under the primary education board of Bangladesh. He tries to give them best education system. The teachers, stuff make their effort to provide knowledge and help them to be better life. Discipline, punctuality & morality is the first priority.  So that children can earn their basic life from here. Much of facilities are provided to these school children. Over the last few years the number of student of primary schools has grown satisfactorily. They arrived in time with a school van safely from near & far. Teachers in the latest and most effective teaching methodologies in a non-formal, creative manner, encouraging effective development of children’s communications, language and social skills, active hands on learning, the use of arts including free-hand drawings and other modes of class-work.

Their sanitation system are well furnished with a deep tube well in front of the school. So that they can wash themselves before to class & after playing at break time. Though their playground still has a poor condition, not enough instruments or playing tools provide for them due to lack of limited budget. Even their school still has no any boundary. This one is very crucial, because a deep lake beside their playground which may make any cause of incident that will not avoidable. Ven. already pursue for help to many organization to make a strong safe boundary. There also essential for a school gate for the safety of children. KMSCO has plan to do it in near future. Most essential thing is no boundary in 2nd floor where children class is running here. Student pass here to carefully, teachers guide them after their finishing the class. School admin try to do that but their fund or other source of help is not sufficient to cover that. Venerable Jinananda Mahathera  personally make some fund by the help of some local organization & villager’s small donation. Many of poor children come to study here, who cannot provide his school costume, even they cannot bring their tiffin with them. School management decide, if they have risen suitable fund, they can forward their help to those helpless children.

Key features
•    The school timings are flexible and are fixed according to needs.
•    Children have to pay little fees and there are no long holidays
•    Little homework or no homework as most of their parents are not capable  of  assisting them
•    Centre based approach with one teacher for 25-30 children
•    Girls aged five and more
•    Sixty percent female students
•    Low tuition fee
•    Flexible class hours
•    Involvement of the community in addition to 2.5 hours of schooling per day
•    One local female teacher with 2-3 years of schooling experience
•    School located on catchment of mainstream primary school beside the complex
•    Fun and activities based pre-school education