This website is dedicated to providing information about the Khusangerpara Mohaboudhi Seba Complex & Orphanage and to connect with our community. We are located in ruaral area of Chittagong soroundings with lush green place and welcome anyone that is interested in learning and practicing Buddha’s teachings and philosophy to achieve their spiritual and personal goals. The bihar community is guided under the leadership and patronage of the Most Venerable Jinananda Mahathera. The cultural heritage of the temple stems from the Bangladeshi tradition of Theravada Buddhism. We offer many services that include meditation sessions, scripture discussions, monthly one-day retreats on Poya (Full-Moon) days, and various community and cultural events such as Vesak, Vas Season Program and Katina Pooja, pohela boishakh Celebrations, etc., on a frequent basis.

Main objectives of the Bihar:

* To facilitate the Buddhist way of life, as practiced in Bangladesh

* To facilitate the teaching of Dhamma for the betterment of all

* To conduct guided Meditation classes and teach meditation techniques

* To conduct a school for moral education for children based on Buddhist Philosophy

One of the main missions of Buddhi Vihara is to maintain a peaceful and pleasant environment to carry out all Buddhist activities, specially the teaching and the practicing of Buddhism. The resident monks offer instructions in Buddhist philosophy and meditation. The monks are available as speakers to all educational and religious institutions. Instruction on Buddhism and spiritual guidance are given in the name of Dhamma. We welcome Buddhist of all denominations and friends who wish to enlighten themselves in Buddhism.

With metta,
Venerable Jinananda Mahathera
M.A. Tripitak Visharad
Founder President
Khusangerpara Mohaboudhi Seba Complex & Orphanage